New York + Los Angeles, Vogue IT


New York vs. Los Angeles. New York, is the pivotal city of our times, in recent years has had to struggle to keep up with the ever-present Los Angeles.Many New-Yorkers, including myself, shift between the two cities to work with the most influential people in American- and therefore global – culture. Constantly compared to London and Shanghai, New York feels the burden of having to be number one all the time, while Los Angeles always responds with some detachment,  without creating too much fuss. In New York, that never denies its closeness to Europe, one always notices an attitude of innovation and a strong tension towards the future. Los Angeles, on its part, benefits from its distance and therefore its detachment from European canons and is more capable of wrapping you in a cloud of creativity. Not by coincidence, the world’s most influential contemporary artists  have chosen to settle in L.A .The two cities together, as a result, still provide the US with a prominent role in art, fashion, design and architecture.For this reason I met with 22 remarkable creatives in Los Angeles and New York that best represent such influence on our cultural world. They opened up the doors of their studios for us and talked about themselves, in their own peculiar way, of course!